Common aluminum composite panel signs

May 7, 2022

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What is aluminum composite panel, why can aluminum composite panel be used for advertising signs, what is the effect of common aluminum composite panel signs, and are aluminum composite panel signs expensive? Today, I will share with you some characteristics of common aluminum composite panel signs.

The so-called aluminum composite panel is a layer of aluminum skin on the surface, and a type of plate covered with plastic is called aluminum composite panel, which is how it is understood. The aluminum composite panel itself has three common thicknesses: 3MM thick, 4MM thick and 5MM thick; 3MM thick aluminum composite panel is more suitable for use in door signs, but 4MM can also be used for higher requirements; this mainly depends on the owner's requirements, but if If it is the outer wall, it must use 4MM and above aluminum composite panels. 4MM thick aluminum composite panel is also divided into how many wires of aluminum skin, 15 wires to 30 wires are more useful, and other thicknesses are specially customized. Of course, the thickness of 5MM will not be mentioned, and the quality must not be mentioned. After all, a good horse is matched with a good saddle. Our common aluminum composite panel signs are as follows:

The first is the aluminum-plastic panel sign at the image wall position, we can call it an image wall sign. The position of the front desk background board of many companies is usually made of aluminum-plastic board. With crystal characters or metal characters on it, and some with luminous characters, the signboard at the bottom of the aluminum-plastic board is completed.

The second is the aluminum-plastic board signboard at the door. The aluminum-plastic board sign at the door is first made of a plywood bottom and a 3MM thick aluminum-plastic board, and the splicing position is connected with glass glue. With LED luminous characters or paint characters on it, it is the aluminum-plastic board billboard at the door.

The third type is the exterior wall aluminum-plastic panel signboard. The exterior wall aluminum-plastic panel signboard must be made with a thickness of 4 cm and 15 wires or more, because the aluminum-plastic panel needs to be troughed and bent during dry hanging. If it is too thin , it is easy to break when folded; and this production and installation process particularly tests the skills of the installation master. It is not suitable to use wooden boards as a base outdoors, and you will not be afraid of the sun and rain if you hang it directly. Of course the price is slightly higher than normal.

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