How to install aluminum composite panel

May 7, 2022

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The installation of aluminum-plastic panels includes the following:

Find the balance point in the most basic position;

After finding the position, you can use a thin rope to make sure the position of the keel at the back is accurate;

Confirm the position of the keel;

Everything is ready, you can install the aluminum composite panel.

As the darling of architectural home improvement, it can be seen in many places. In addition to its high functionality and durability, it is also very easy to install. As long as the above four steps are done well, the aluminum composite panel can be installed.

First of all, when we need to fix the wall, we need to level the foundation first. This step is very important. It is related to the stability of the foundation installed later, just like the foundation of a building, so it must be done well.

Secondly, after paving, you can use a thread to soak the ink, and then proceed to the second step, the thread. This step is for the installation of the rear keel, making a standard, which is a very important reference value.

Again, confirm the position of the keel, then install the keel, make holes in the wall, and do it according to your actual situation. Then fix it with wood and build the frame of the whole keel.

Finally, it can be installed. It is relatively simple to install. Compared with other materials, there are obvious advantages. Colors can also be selected according to your favorite, which is still very user-friendly.